Introducing Movin-n-Groovin Moving Company: Empowering Detroit’s Black Community through Entrepreneurship and Service


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In the heart of Detroit’s westside, where the streets of Plymouth and Evergreen intersect, there lies a story of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of a better future. Meet Michael Parish, a proud product of this vibrant community, who not only overcame significant obstacles but also channeled his experiences into creating Movin-n-Groovin, a moving company that is making a remarkable impact on the black community.

Mike’s journey began at Cody High School, where he developed an entrepreneurial spirit that would shape his destiny. However, life took an unexpected turn when he found himself behind bars at the age of 22. Determined never to be locked up again, Mike used his time in prison to reflect, grow, and envision a brighter path for himself and his community.

Upon his release at 33, Mike seized every opportunity that came his way. From working as a tow truck driver to delivering hospital supplies during midnight shifts and handling factory car parts, he learned the true meaning of resilience and determination. The city of Detroit became his teacher, instilling in him a relentless spirit that would drive him forward.

In May 2019, armed with a vision and a mere $5000, Mike embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. With a 16-foot truck as his only asset, he sought to address a pressing need in Detroit’s moving industry – the absence of a homegrown moving company. Movin-n-Groovin was born out of the determination to bring affordable, stress-free moving services to the city.

Recognizing an opportunity, Mike ventured into hauling old appliances out of apartments, eventually becoming a reliable material man who frequented Home Depot. Step by step, his business began to flourish. However, his success goes beyond mere profit. As a black business owner in Detroit, Mike has become a champion for his community.

Movin-N-Groovin Moving Company Owner, Michael Parrish of Detroit, Michigan

Movin-n-Groovin’s significance in the black community lies in its dedication to providing fair and honest services. Mike, having experienced price gouging and overcharging firsthand, is committed to ensuring his customers receive transparent pricing and exceptional service. By setting an example of integrity and reliability, he is dismantling the negative stereotypes that have plagued black-owned businesses for far too long.

Mike’s vision is not limited to his own success. He aspires to inspire others in the black community to believe in themselves and their ability to create positive change. Movin-n-Groovin stands as a testament to the fact that it is never too late to embark on a transformative journey, regardless of one’s past.

Beyond entrepreneurship, Mike understands the importance of community engagement. He recognizes that being a black business owner in Detroit means providing hope for the younger generation and instilling a sense of pride in the older members of the community. By building connections and fostering a spirit of unity, he aims to uplift his community and create a brighter future for all.

Looking ahead, Movin-n-Groovin has ambitious plans for the next decade. Mike envisions expanding the company’s services to include dumpsters and deliveries, while also exploring the possibility of franchising in the southern states. With each step, he hopes to create job opportunities, empower individuals, and continue making a lasting impact on the community.

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